Hey there, thanks for checking out our website! We’re Jon & Dan. What’s going on with us? Well let me tell you..

Livestreams, lots of that! be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to check them out. We are doing live streams because everything is closed due to Covid-19 so we have some fun in our basement and try and put on a show and we will take requests (if we know it) if you want to hear a tune.

We had to unfortunately cancel one of our favourite shows called “Saddle Up” teaming up with two other country bands by the names of “Greg Arcade” and “Chris Micheal and the six pack”.

Greg Arcade- he’s a pretty fun dude, bringing back the Waylon Country and does what he knows is cool. Chris Michael and the six pack- these guys are great too! Really rock country and have a different swing on country music.

We fit in a bit differently in this show. We play the newer country with our own twist, we like to go big or go home. Business in the front and Party in the back (Just kidding no mullets here yet) but we do love to party on or off stage. Stay tuned because we’ll be back with another show soon.

Our merch- we have lots to offer. Check out the merch page to grab your hardhat sticker for all you blue collar boys, or a coffee cup for your ma or pa. We will be offering more designs in the near future. Like a true patriotic shirt to show off where you’re from, or if you believe in “Banned & Outlawed” things…

Our music- we have a few tunes out on the radio waves all over. Like “Write a Song” that was our first radio release, it talks about who we are and if you can’t relate to that then good on you! "Beer for everything” is a little different. Its about growing up and wishing you could have that beer, but of course you steal it from your Dad's fridge! So he teaches you a lesson about why you should and shouldn’t drink beer. This is all leading up to our first album which will be out soon, be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Thanks again for checking out our website. Please go and give us a follow on our socials to keep up to date on “Banned & Outlawed News”

Hope to see Y’all soon!
- Jon & Dan